Our Girls

Beautiful Gracie – Gracie is a 40 pound red CKC F1 goldendoodle from Asa and Klowi.  She loves to go for car rides and give hugs.  She has whelped two litters. She is health tested.  She has a beautiful face and gets compliments wherever she goes.  Her puppies are as adorable as she is.


Our Girls Image 2 251x300
Gracie’s previous puppy
Our Girls Gryff2 300x200
Gracie’s previous puppy
Our Girls Gracie body 199x300

Our Girls Image 5 225x300














Coco – Coco should have been born a ballerina.  She loves to twirl and leap.  She is our smartest dog and can find her way out through any closed door within five minutes of entry.  She is an AKC registered red standard poodle – 39 pounds.  We searched the United States when looking for Coco and finally found her in West Virginia at Lawpdoodle Farms. WE HAVE RETIRED BEAUTIFUL COCO.  WE WILL MISS YOU LITTLE BALLERINA!


Our Girls Coco 199x300
Our Girls puppy2 300x199
Coco’s son
Our Girls Cocos puppy 11 300x203
Coco’s daughter
Our Girls IMG 18941 1 240x300
Coco’s son
Our Girls LightPink31 200x300
Coco’s son










Gabby is our 25 pound CKC registered goldendoodle.  She is parti-factored.  Her build is more stocky than a typical goldendoodle.  She squeals with delight when we come home and loves to be by our side.  She is health tested.

Our Girls IMG 09511 195x300


Our Girls FullSizeR1 6 300x249
Gabby’s girls
Our Girls IMG 23951 225x300
Bindi – Gabby’s puppy
Our Girls IMG 30211 300x225
Gabby’s puppy

Luna is our 45 pound CKC registered goldendoodle.  She is the daugher of Disco and Norris and the granddaughter of McKenna.  Luna, Disco, and McKenna are all very talkative and say things like “I love you” and “bacon”.  She lives with a great guardian family in Boise.

Our Girls IMG 28841 291x300
Luna and Murphy’s puppy
Our Girls IMG 29321 195x300



Our Girls IMG 29311 300x189








Maple is a great F1 Goldendodle that lives in a great guardian in home in Meridian.  She loves to play catch me if you can.  She is very mellow, but can loves to run with her children!  We are expecting her first litter in the summer 2018!  She is 25 pounds!

Our Girls IMG 22731 1 1 225x300










Lulu is a 20 pound goldendoodle. She lives in a guardian home.  She is apricot.  She is the ultimate lap dog and loves to snuggle.  She will have her first litter in the fall 2018!

Our Girls FullSizeR1 2 213x300










Molly is a 20 pound goldendoodle who lives in a guardian home in Meridian with her goldendoodle brother, Kirby!  She is fully health tested.

Our Girls IMG 09451 225x300


Molly's puppy  Our Girls IMG 30191 225x300
Molly’s puppy









Jazz and Ruby are 25 pound goldendoodles who live in guardian homes in Meridian.  They are offspring of Disco and Norris.  Jazz lives with Disco and another goldendoodle named “The Dude”.  Ruby has her own people.  Here is what Ruby’s owner had to say about Ruby.  “She is a lover…She loves to be with her family.  She isn’t really food motivated but will learn new tricks in exchange for hugs.  She loves to chew bones, but doesn’t chew anything she isn’t supposed to.  She is extremely mellow but is always willing to play if you want her toShe is great with all of my children, especially my littlest, who is 3.. She never growls or bites.  She is sort of a guard dog…She will bark to let us know if someone she is not familiar with in in our yard, but not more than the initial alert.  She is great with other dogs.  She just loves to be loved.  She is still crate trained and does in our back yard.  Oh, and she likes popcorn! ”  Ruby has been bred to Boagie and is expected to have puppies midJuly!

Our Girls IMG 30231 239x300







Mavis is our four year old 45 pound goldendoodle.  She has lived in a guardian home and now lives with us.  She is a very funny tomboy who loves to retrieve, but also loves to just hang with her people.  She has a great pouty face when she doesn’t want to do something.  Mavis will be retiring the end of this year! 

Our Girls Coco 20 278x300
Mavis puppy
Our Girls MavisCrop 300x290


Our Girls Mavis1 300x244


Sophie’s daughters!

Sophie was our wonderful English goldendoodle who was calm, smart, and everything one could ever want in a dog.   She has now retired and is acting as the nanny for her new owner’s children!  We loved Sophie so much and wanted to make sure her personality and temperament were carried on in our lines that we have placed three of her puppies and one of her granddaughters in guardian homes!  We expect some great things from these girls! 

Our Girls Becksy 225x300
Becksy – Sophie’s daughter 55 pounds


Our Girls IMG 25201 225x300
Rey – Sophie’s daughter
Our Girls FullSizeR1 7 183x300
Becksy’s daughter