Standard Goldendoodle Puppies!

Standard Goldendoodle Puppies! Mavis purple girl 150x150

Sophie’s goldendoodles has made the decision to specialize in miniature goldendoodles and specialty standard goldendoodles.  We will be breeding for the very calm and intelligent temperament necessary for therapy dogs in our English goldendoodles, our deep red standard goldendoodles, and our parti-factored goldendoodles.

Your puppy comes with a full FIVE year guarantee, socialization training at 10 weeks old with puppy peers (at $60 for 6 classes), photos from birth, immunizations and dew claws, and puppy blanket with mom smell.  We work with the trainer of your choice (at your cost) to come into our home to help choose your puppy as necessary.  We work with your puppy from day one providing early stimulation training and follow the puppy culture protocol.  We also provide microchip, thirty days of Trupanion insurance, a free go home puppy class.  Our commitment to your goldendoodle doesn’t stop when your puppy goes home at eight weeks.  

We bred Cora, our 55 pound English Ultra Cream Goldendoodle to Boomer,  F1b UltraCream 40 pound miniature goldendoodle.  These two will have puppies that will be about 50 pounds of teddy bear cuteness.  $2000

Expected: November 15

Go Home: January 7

  1. Hoobing – Paypal
  2. Deweber – Paypal – Female
  3. Meyer – Paypal – Male
  4. Available
  5. Available
  6. Available

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We have bred Sophie Jr. , our deep red 55 pound goldendoodle, to Scottie, 65 pound red poodle for some gorgeous standard red F1b goldendoodles.  These puppies will be about 60 pounds and a deep red.

NOTE:  Luna’s pregnancy did not take.  

Expected: October 30

Go Home: December 21

1Eckert – Paypal

2 Hill – Paypal  -Decided to Wait for Spring Litter

3 Deweber – Paypal – if not ultracreme

4 Estes – Paypal – Female

5 Bone – Paypal –  Male

6 Available

7 Available

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