News - Guardian program - Retirements

Any person in the Treasure Valley can apply for the guardian program.  After approval, there is a $300 fee and the guardian takes ownership of the dog until she is 1.5  to 2 years old.  At that point, we breed for three litters.  The dog must be available to us for breeding and come to our home from a day or two before she gives birth.   We work with the guardian for the mom and the puppies to be with them part of the time and we pay the guardian for puppy care during their stay with the guardian.  (Some of our guardians have the mom and puppies with them on the weekend, others have them from week 2 to week 5 – when they are easiest to care for; others have them most of the time and I visit weekly.  )  After the third litter, we pay to have the dog spayed and ownership is transferred to the guardian family!  It isn’t for everyone, but it is a less expensive way to bring one of our dogs into your family.    We also are looking for the perfect home for our most loving dog – Asa.  He is a red standard poodle.

Future Litters!

I’m working full-time on bringing the best goldendoodle puppy possible into your home.  (No more CPA work for me!  Yeah!) We have actually bred for five litters of puppies this […]