Our Gents

Murphy is a 20 pound auburn red AKC Miniature poodle from West Coast Poodle out of California.  He adores people and actually thinks that all of our visitors are here to see him.   He has a very mellow personality and was my “go to work with me dog”. Now that my work consists more of puppy baths, than numbers, he is my sidekick every day of the week.  He has sired numerous little Murphys – all as adorable as he is. Clear health testing.

Our Gents Murphy Great 199x300Our Gents Murphy 240x300

Bogart –

Everyone one loves Boagie! He is a CKC registered goldendoodle.  He is 18 pounds full of energy and love. He doesn’t know he is a little guy and runs as fast as he can, loves water, and retrieves like no other!  Boagie comes to us from Iowa! Clear.

Our Gents Boagie iii 150x150

Rudy is 45 pound goldendoodle from Mavis and Barkley.  He is kind and funny.  He would be a perfect emotional support dog.  He is an F3 and will have puppies with a tuxedo.Clearhealthtesting Our Gents Barkleys puppy Dood 225x300

Blue is such a funny, friendly dog, 35 pound dog.   He is multigenerational (F4b).  He has completed his health testing as clear and has the perfect coat to make teddy bear puppies.  He greets everyone he sees and likes to sit by the entrance of the vet’s office so that he can say hello to everyone!

Our Gents Blue3 150x150

Mackey is our new stud.  He is from Molly and Murphy.  He is 35 pounds of cuddles!  He has such a funny personality.  He is just over a year and is a very happy guy!  His health testing is clear. Our Gents Mackay 250x300

Koda is our new 25 pound stud.  He is from Maple and Murphy.  He is an F1b.  Koda is a very kind soul.  He likes to lick Sam’s ears to comfort her.  His health testing is good.

Our Gents Koda 212x300